The Greene Duffel

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A wonderful large capacity bag, The Greene Duffel is a great choice for traveling and carrying all sorts of projects.

It is handmade with 8oz-9oz Horween leather, 24oz anti-mildew canvas, and 16 hand hammered brass rivets. It is also equipped with a 22” 2-way YKK zipper, 7 adjustable holes on the shoulder strap, a 10” zipper pocket, an exterior laptop / document sleeve, an 8” inside sleeve, and a pen and pencil pocket.

The heavy-duty stitching and old fashioned craftsmanship make this a handsome and high quality bag that is built to last.

The exterior laptop sleeve is convenient to use while working on the go. With all the features and functionality, this bag will be your favorite business companion!

Your Greene Duffel may not look exactly as pictured here. Real leather is a natural material, so every hide has unique characteristics that individually personalize each product. Each piece of leather is distinctive in its color, grain, and markings, which may include scars, mars, or blemishes that are a natural part of the cow's life and a sign of the high quality of the leather.

Dimensions: Height 13” x Length 19.5” x Width 10.5”

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The Greene Duffel

Built In Coeur D'Alene

Know Thy Goods

-Handmade with 8-9 oz. Horween Leather

-24 oz. anti-mildew canvas

-16 hand hammered brass rivets

-I.D. holder

-7 adjustable holes on shoulder strap – 10” YKK zipper pocket

-22” 2-way YKK zipper

-Exterior laptop / document sleeve

-Bulk storage

-Pen & Pencil pocket

-8” inside sleeve

A Little History

One of the most trusted generals of the Revolutionary army was Major General Nathanael Greene, George Washington’s friend and comrade-in-arms.

When the American Revolutionary War began, Greene was a militia private, the lowest rank possible. Because of his reliability, strength, and resolve, he quickly rose through the ranks. He is most well-known and remembered for his successful command in the Southern Campaign which forced British Lieutenant General Charles Cornwallis to abandon the Carolinas and head for Virginia.

He emerged from the war with a reputation as George Washington’s most gifted and dependable officer. There are many places in the US named for Greene.

About Thrux Lawrence

Make It Strong Enough - Then Double It

This phrase, make it strong enough, then double it, is attributed to the legendary John Browning.  It was his mantra in how he designed his firearms so that they would be reliable and robust.  This same phrase could be the mantra of Thrux Lawrence, based out of Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.  Founded by Tanden Lauder with the simple goal of making goods that last, Thrux Lawrence has become manufacturer of goods meant to outlast their purchaser.  

Tandon long had a fascination with antiques and items that were highly functional and made very well.  He collected such items as a teenager and was became disappointed by modern day standards of product design and manufacturing.  He set out to create a brand that would be synonymous with the highest of standards and with products that were built by artisans, in America, and that would last a lifetime.  

Thrux Lawrence's approach to design is summed up on their site, "We start with the fundamental concept: “This design needs to be better, last longer, and function more smoothly.” We continually examine our collection to identify keys to longevity, and style. Once we combine the details, refine the function, and add “heft” to materials, we prototype the item, field test it, then collaborate with artisans for the build."  The Japanese call this commitment to continues improvement, kaizen, and that idea is imbedded in the psyche of Tanden and all of Thrux Lawrences employees.  


Leather Built is a collection of the highest quality leather goods, all 100% made in the USA. We have searched the country for the very best shops and craftsmen and bring you samples of their finest work here. All our products are backed by a 50 year guarantee.

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