The Revere Messenger

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The Revere Messenger elevates the classic messenger bag style to a new level.  Made by expert craftsman from Coronado Leather in their San Diego workshop, the Revere has a very functional design, but is made with premium materials.  The bag is made from five to six ounce Horween, vegetable tanned leather that has a beautiful pull-up affect.  All hardware is solid brass and the compartment on the back is accessed through an oversized No. 10 YKK brass zipper.  

The Interior is lined with Coronado's classic, thick 12 ounce cotton khaki canvas, which has a separate laptop compartment, organization for other accessories, and a main compartment for all other needs.

The Revere comes with an adjustable, all Dublin leather 44" strap.  The strap is made from two pieces of five to six ounce leather sewn together for an extra thick and durable, yet beautiful strap.

- Dimensions: 15" x 10 1/2" x 4"

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The Revere Messenger

Built in San Diego

Know Thy Goods

- Made from boot thick, five to six ounce Horween Dublin leather

- Solid brass hardware throughout

- Oversized No. 10 YKK Zipper on back

- Lined with heavy duty 12 ounce cotton khaki canvas

- Compartment for up to 15" laptop, plus organization for other accessories

- Double thick, adjustable shoulder strap

- Four solid brass feet for added durability

- Sewn with 138 bonded nylon beige thread

- Dimensions: 15" x 10 1/2" x 4"

- Color: Derby Brown

Paul Revere

"The British are coming" is the phrase that is commonly attached to Paul Revere on his great ride through the early American countryside, to warn citizen's and leaders of the British advancement on Lexington and Concord.  Though Revere probably never actually uttered those words exactly that night, his message was clear and had it's intended impact.  

Paul Revere was born in 1734, the third of twelve children, and eventually took over his Father's silversmith shop and business.  His passion in working with silver, brass, iron and other metals continued his entire life and eventually led to several prosperous businesses and endeavors.  The copper works he founded in 1801 continues to this day as the Revere Copper Company.  Revere also became one of America's most well known bell-casters while working with two of his sons.  Their efforts produced hundreds of church and other bells, some of which are still used today.  

Paul Revere was not only an excellent silversmith and business man, but he was also politically active his entire life.  His service and zeal in the early American Revolution only solidified as the new country was born.  He became an passionate Federalist, working towards a strong federal government and economy.  

Paul Revere could be considered the classic American man, zealous and patriotic to his country, prolific in his business interests and pursuits, and devoted to family and friends.

Inside Coronado Leather

Established in 1981 by Carol and Danny Laulom, Coronado Leather began with just two skilled sewers, a cutter and a handful of leather bags.  Carol and Danny began expanding the business in the mid 1980's.  Their sensitivity to market demand and attention to high craftsmanship lead to a tradition of excellence and commitment to quality that has crossed two generations.  Today, Coronado Leather has become a leader and innovator in premium-made leather gear. As evidenced in their products, Coronado has a strong passion for leather and the old art of real craftsmanship. Each product is built to be better and stronger than most of what is available today. Part of Coronado's core competency is the belief that true value in any product lies in design, materials and craftsmanship rather than price, and that is where they out pace their competitors.

Coronado's passion for leather, design and attention to detail is the driving force behind what they do today. Their styles and designs are classic, functional and straight-forward. They do not over-embellish products with hardware to hide stitching, they keep the focus on using the best leathers, the best designs and the best craftsmanship.  This ensures timeless designs that customers will be proud to own.

More than thirty-years after its founding, Coronado is still located in San Diego, California. In 2011, Coronado opened its new San Diego factory and leather-shop where many of its products are made. Their USA made products really are the best-of-the-best. With both modern and vintage leather machinery and a lot of hand-crafting, they continue to build some of the finest leather products found anywhere in the world. The Coronado Leather brand name remains synonymous with quality, style and innovation, with a broad line of highest-quality, handcrafted leather goods.

- Adapted from Coronado Leather's website


Leather Built is a collection of the highest quality leather goods, all 100% made in the USA. We have searched the country for the very best shops and craftsmen and bring you samples of their finest work here. All our products are backed by a 50 year guarantee.

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