The Mellon Bifold

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The Mellon Bifold is made from premium, four to five ounce, vegetable tanned leather from Horween.  Horween's Dublin leather is characterized by a beautiful pull up effect (when creased the leather's oils are temporarily shifted, resulting in a lighter shade), which gives the wallet immediate character.  The high quality vegetable tanned leather means that the wallet will develop a patina over time and look even more beautiful with age.  

The Mellon has two card slights and a generous pocket for cash which allows for sufficient room for all your wallet's necessities, while still maintaining a more minimalist approach.  

Each Mellon Bifold is hand sewn with waxed linen thread using a traditional saddle stitching technique, which results in a more durable stitch than can be obtained with a sewing machine.  The result of laser accurate cuts, beautiful leather, minimalist design, and hand stitching results in a fresh take on a class design.

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The Mellon Bifold

Built in Bexar County, TX

Know Thy Goods

- Four to five ounce, vegetable tanned leather

- Dublin leather from the famous Horween Leather Company in Chicago

- Hand sewn with waxed linen thread using traditional saddle stitching technique

- Two card slots and a main billfold compartment

- Made in Bexar County, Texas

- Made for Life Guarantee

Andrew W. Mellon

Andrew Mellon was born on March 24th, 1855 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the wealthy Mellon Family.  His financial aptitude was tested early in his life as his father got him up and running in a lumber and coal business at the age of 17.  His business sense and acumen led to him making the business profitable and eventually led to his joining his father's banking firm and having the business transferred to him at the age of 27.

Mellon's business interests were not limited strictly to finance, with interests stretching into the oil, steel, construction, and shipbuilding industries, as well as into aluminum, carborundum, and coke (fuel).  Among others, he helped finance Charles Martin Hall, whose refinery eventually became the aluminum giant ALCOA.   

Mellon's business interests segued into public service when he became Secretary of the Treasury in 1921.  He served in that capacity for over 10 years, the third longest in that position.  He then served as United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom for one year.  During his public service Mellon argued and fought for progressive tax reform and to lower the country's large debt following World War I.  Mellon led a very productive life that ended with a number of generous gifts and philanthropic endeavors. 

Bexar Goods Story

BEXAR (pronounced Bear) Goods Company originated as an outlet to create leather products that the three founders wanted to use themselves.  Falcon, Guy, and Christian had a vision to create carry goods products that can journey the world with you, and develop character and charm from the environment and adventures they experience with you. Their belief in ruggedness, simplicity, durability, and timelessness are evident in their leather goods.

BEXAR Goods Co. is the creative collaboration of a small team of craftsmen based in Bexar County, Texas, the heart of the Texas Hill Country, an area with a rich heritage in leather use for outdoor travel. While the roots of Bexar Goods are based in Central Texas, the vision and inspiration manifest in it's products are drawn from cultures around the globe.  Each product is made with exacting specifications and using both modern and classic techniques that results in truly heirloom quality goods.



Leather Built is a collection of the highest quality leather goods, all 100% made in the USA. We have searched the country for the very best shops and craftsmen and bring you samples of their finest work here. All our products are backed by a 50 year guarantee.

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