The Astor Shell Cordovan Wallet

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A wallet made from Shell Cordovan is the type of item that a father hands down to his son, and that son to his son.  Made from the hind side of a horse and tanned by the world famous Horween Leather Company in Chicago, Shell Cordovan takes a full six months to tan, with much of the finishing done by hand and feel.  There is no other leather quite like it.  Its dense fibers provide for greater durability than comparable cowhide wallets.

The Astor Wallet is made with great attention to detail by experienced craftsman in Coronado Leather's San Diego workshop.  It is stitched by hand with premium Irish waxed linen thread, in a color to match the leather.  The edges are then stained, buffed, and polished by hand.  Unlike many Shell Cordovan wallets that use the Shell Cordovan for just the shell, and a less expensive leather for the pockets, each Astor Wallet is made with only Shell Cordovan leather and Irish waxed linen thread.  You could not purchase a finer wallet.


Closed Dimensions: 4 3/8" by 3 1/2" by 1/2"

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The Astor Shell Cordovan Wallet

Built in San Diego

Know Thy Goods

Cut and Crafted from only fine Shell Cordovan leather from The Horween Leather Company

Sewn by hand with Irish waxed linen thread in matching color

Edges are stained, buffed and polished by hand

Six credit card slots and one billfold area

Color: Burgundy

Closed Dimensions: 4 3/8" by 3 1/2" by 1/2"

John Jacob Astor

John Jacob Astor was born in Walldorf, Germany and immigrated to the United States when he was 20 years old.  His business acumen and prodigious nature led him to making sound financial moves, including his participation in the fur trade with the American Fur Company, and later his real estate investments in New York City.  Astor accumulated significant wealth and died the richest man in America.

After his retirement, Astor devoted his life to his cultural passions.  Though not a philanthropist while living, he bequeathed much of his fortune to orphanages, schools, and libraries upon his death.  Astor's name became synonymous with vast wealth and privilege, though that privilege only came through concentrated effort and tireless work.

Inside Coronado Leather

Established in 1981 by Carol and Danny Laulom, Coronado Leather began with just two skilled sewers, a cutter and a handful of leather bags.  Carol and Danny began expanding the business in the mid 1980's.  Their sensitivity to market demand and attention to high craftsmanship lead to a tradition of excellence and commitment to quality that has crossed two generations.  Today, Coronado Leather has become a leader and innovator in premium-made leather gear. As evidenced in their products, Coronado has a strong passion for leather and the old art of real craftsmanship. Each product is built to be better and stronger than most of what is available today. Part of Coronado's core competency is the belief that true value in any product lies in design, materials and craftsmanship rather than price, and that is where they out pace their competitors.

Coronado's passion for leather, design and attention to detail is the driving force behind what they do today. Their styles and designs are classic, functional and straight-forward. They do not over-embellish products with hardware to hide stitching, they keep the focus on using the best leathers, the best designs and the best craftsmanship.  This ensures timeless designs that customers will be proud to own.

More than thirty-years after its founding, Coronado is still located in San Diego, California. In 2011, Coronado opened its new San Diego factory and leather-shop where many of its products are made. Their USA made products really are the best-of-the-best. With both modern and vintage leather machinery and a lot of hand-crafting, they continue to build some of the finest leather products found anywhere in the world. The Coronado Leather brand name remains synonymous with quality, style and innovation, with a broad line of highest-quality, handcrafted leather goods.

- Adapted from Coronado Leather's website



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