Leather Honey Cleaner

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Leather Honey has been mixing its premium leather conditioner since 1968, providing an all natural product that both restores and protects leather.  Leather Honey customers have long sought for a cleaner to complement their conditioner.  Leather Honey responded recently with their 4 oz bottle of concentrated cleaner (one ounce of cleaner makes 8 ounces of solution).  Most leather goods are exposed to the elements, which can take it’s toll.  Leather Honey Cleaner makes quick work of dirt and grime, preparing your good for conditioning.  Like Leather Honey Conditioner, the cleaner is completely natural and non-toxic.  It’s all-natural goodness is the first punch in a powerful one two combo.

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Leather Honey Cleaner

Bottled in West Virginia

Know Thy Goods

4 oz concentrated bottle - makes up to 32 ounces

All Natural

Non Toxic

Made in Kearneysville, West Virginia

Perfect for cleaning leather prior to applying conditioner, for maximum effectiveness

A Little History

Kearneysville is a bustling community in the West Virginia Panhandle.  A community of about 7,000 people, Kearneysville is known for having Jefferson County’s first commercial apple orchard, as well as General Horatio Gates, of the American Revolutionary War, being one of it’s first occupants.  Settlement began in the mid 18th century and grew at a moderate pace.  Kearneysville is now one of the fastest growing residential communities of Jefferson County and is also becoming known not just for apples, but as the birthplace of some excellent leather care products, namely Leather Honey.

Here's The Story

Like many great products and companies, Leather Honey was born of a need to meet a vexing problem.  In the early 1960’s, Daniel McGowen had recently taken over his father-in-law’s manufacturing company.  He met with a retired chemist to see if they could come up with a leather conditioner for sole leather (most work shoes in those days were made entirely of leather) that did not contain any harmful solvents or chemicals.  It took a number of years, but they eventually developed a formula that had amazing results, but was still odorless, water-repellent, and non-toxic.

Not a scientist, but still wanting to test his formula, McGowen convinced his local postman, who walked many miles a day, to allow him to apply the formula to one shoe of a brand new pairs of leather shoes, and leave the other untreated.  After many letter and package deliveries, the untreated sole had to be replaced twice before the treated sole needed to be replaced. Recognizing the commercial viability of the product, McGowen began selling the conditioner to shoe manufacturers and the military for shoe care.  The introduction of synthetic shoe soles in the late 1960’s and early 1970s put a stop to the short lived business.  

The original formula was soon thereafter “re-discovered” by McGowen’s son Jim, who was impressed at the conditioners ability to treat and protect the harnesses and saddles for his Percheron horses.  He and his wife Liz began selling the conditioner as Harness Honey to tack shops and farmers, but word began to spread that the conditioner was excellent on many other leather goods.  

Recently, Jim and his son Shawn decided to rebrand the conditioner as Leather Honey, to make apparent the conditioners wider application.  As word and use of the conditioner has spread, so have the positive testimonials and comments about the conditioners ability to restore, revitalize, and protect both old and new leather.  

Leather Honey continues to be a family run business.  Jim still oversees manufacturing, Shawn is the company president, and his sister Arielle handles marketing, operations, and customer service.  All of this is done at their shop in Kearneysville, West Virginia.

Leather Honey is committed to using the best ingredients and to keeping their products safe and non-toxic.  As a result of continued customer request, they recently launched their Leather Honey Cleaner, a concentrated formula used to clean leather prior to conditioning.  The development of the cleaner took many years to get the formula just right, a testament of Leather Honey’s continued commitment to excellence.



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