iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Sleeve

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The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Sleeve from Bexar Goods is a profoundly simple, yet elegant way to house and protect your precious phone.  The Sleeve is made from vegetable tanned leather, which takes significantly longer and requires more care than cheaper chrome tanned leather.  Vegetable tanned leather also allows the leather to acquire a beautiful patina with continued use.

The Sleeve is expertly stitched by hand using the age-old saddle stitching method, where the craftsman carefully weaves one end of the nylon thread through a hole and weaves the other end through the same whole, repeating the process until complete.  The result is a stitch that is far more durable than normal sewing machine stitches.  

The sleeve width is large enough to easily allow your phone to slide in, but small enough to prevent your phone from easily slipping out.  The sleeve consequently will fit the new iphone 6s and 6s Plus models as well.  Housing your iPhone will never feel more luxurious than sheathing it in the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus Sleeve from Bexar Goods.

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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Sleeve

Built in Bexar County, TX

Know Thy Goods

- Crafted with fine, vegetable tanned leather

- Hand stitching using traditional saddle stitching method

- White nylon thread

- iPhone easily slides in, but will not slip out

- Fits iPhone 6, 6s, 6 plus, and 6s plus

The Sleeve

The humble sleeve has been used for centuries for a variety of purposes and has been made from a variety of materials.  The Sleeve has become fairly ubiquitous among smart phone users for the ease in which a phone can be sheathed and removed for daily use, as well as the protection that it provides when not in use.

Long after your phone is replaced, this sleeve can be used for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to being a wallet, holding business cards, carrying pens or pencils, serving as a mini first aid kit, etc.  While in use, The Sleeve will serve your phone admirably and will still be serviceable for many years thereafter.  Long live The Sleeve.

About Bexar Goods

BEXAR (pronounced Bear) Goods Company originated as an outlet to create leather products that the three founders wanted to use themselves.  Falcon, Guy, and Christian had a vision to create carry goods products that can journey the world with you, and develop character and charm from the environment and adventures they experience with you. Their belief in ruggedness, simplicity, durability, and timelessness are evident in their leather goods.

BEXAR Goods Co. is the creative collaboration of a small team of craftsmen based in Bexar County, Texas, the heart of the Texas Hill Country, an area with a rich heritage in leather use for outdoor travel. While the roots of Bexar Goods are based in Central Texas, the vision and inspiration manifest in it's products are drawn from cultures around the globe.  Each product is made with exacting specifications and using both modern and classic techniques that results in truly heirloom quality goods.



Leather Built is a collection of the highest quality leather goods, all 100% made in the USA. We have searched the country for the very best shops and craftsmen and bring you samples of their finest work here. All our products are backed by a 50 year guarantee.

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