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The Carver Bag is characterized by some of the best, richest leather available.  Made from English-tan Dublin leather from the Horween Tannery in Chicago, the leather comes with loads of character right out of the box. Made in such a way that when you bend the leather, the bent area lightens in color (called pull up in leather circles), this bag is sure to turn heads.  It is 100% vegetable tanned, yet has a soft feel.  Vegetable tanned leather is unique in that the leather has the ability to patina over time.  Patina is what often gives high quality leather bags their unique look and feel after continued use.  The Carver is made out of leather that is 8 ounces thick (approximately ⅛ of an inch thick), which is almost twice the thickness of normal boot leather.

Minimalist by design, the bag has one main compartment that fits a 13” laptop along with some other essentials.  It has a simple flap closure that slides the bill of the flap through a thick loop and fastens with a button rivet. Christensen Bags calls this their Platypus Design, for obvious aesthetic reasons.

Though The Carver is not a large bag, it is perfect for the quick getaway, or jaunt to the office or class.  The high quality leather and craftsmanship scream style and minimalist design.


Dimensions: 13.5” W by 10” H by 2 ¼” D

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The Carver Bag

Where Its Built

Know Thy Goods

Full Grain, vegetable tanned Dublin Leather from the Horween Tannery in Chicago

Designed in San Francisco, Made in Los Angeles, California

Minimalist Design inspired by Danish Mid-Century Modernism

Adjustable, all Dublin Leather shoulder strap

No 138 Bonded Nylon Thread

Solid Brass, Distressed Hardware

Dimensions: 13.5” W by 10” H by 2 ¼” D

A Little History

George Washington Carver is one of those rare souls that can pull themselves out of a very desperate situation and go on to making a significant impact on this world.  Born in slavery in 1864, Carver was fortunate to receive a basic education and turned that opportunity into gold by attending Iowa State University where he earned his Bachelors of Science and his Masters Degree.  Afterwards he taught at the Tuskagee Institute, founded by Booker T. Washington, for 47 years, where he headed their agriculture department.  

Carver is most well known for his research and promotion of alternative crops to cotton, namely soybeans, sweet potatoes, and especially peanuts.  A scientist at heart and practice, Carver developed and promoted over 100 uses and products from peanuts, meant to aid the common family.  He was dubbed by Time Magazine in 1941 as a “Black Leonardo”.  Known by Presidents, Kings and Potentates, Carver remained a humble and frugal man until he died at the age of 78.  Carver would have been a proponent of minimalism, which is why he is named for this beautifully designed bag.

Here's The Story

It all started for Neil Christensen with a small business of importing vintage European bicycles to the United States.  During that time Neil discovered a love for accessories amongst his customers, and one day he needed a satchel to shuttle his laptop, phone, keys and papers around on his bike. He ended up creating Platypus No. 01, inspired by minimalist mid-century designs and colors he grew up with in Denmark. The founding principle was to provide quality, USA made goods.  Christensen Bags sold their first bag in May 2013, and as the company grew Kathy, Neil’s wife, joined.

Neil and Kathy design all of their goods, including the Carter Bag, in San Francisco California, and then have them made by a 2nd generation saddlemaker turned bag maker, who are fantastic craftsman.  They have a close knit partnership that allows the design and production of their goods to work smoothly.

When asked about their mission in creating their goods, Kathy replied, “We can't get enough of minimalist, understated, and clean designs. Simple design looks effortless but the process is anything but. Making it work is immensely satisfying. Being stopped on the street by a curious person asking where the bag is from, or seeing someone carrying it is super satisfying, because you know how much work went into making that happen, and now you know other people like it too. We want to make quality products in the US. It's not that quality cannot be made elsewhere, it's that we believe in the societal benefits of design and manufacturing to the US, and to us there's nothing that beats being close to the process and knowing the people you work together with. So, it's a mix of a passion for minimalist design, creation, and a US made mission.”

Another design element for Christensen is their policy policy to understate their branding and discretely place it on the inside rather than on the outside. Kathy says, “We are so very tired of loud branding.”

Christensen’s process for coming up with a new design is very methodical and calculated.  “We spend a lot of time tinkering and testing. Many of our designs and prototypes never make it to production, but you'll see us carrying them around for testing, and now and again we disappoint some folks when we tell them a design is just a one-off test. If you're wearing a design, know that we worn and tested that design too. Right now Neil is carrying around a prototype wallet that is 1 year old that we still haven't put into production because we're still observing and adjusting the design.

Though a relatively new company, Christensen Bags is distinguishing itself as a company with excellent design sense and products made from the best materials that are meant to last a lifetime.


Leather Built is a collection of the highest quality leather goods, all 100% made in the USA. We have searched the country for the very best shops and craftsmen and bring you samples of their finest work here. All our products are backed by a 50 year guarantee.

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