The Muir Camera Bag

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Ditch your standard nylon camera case and look no further for a stylish upgrade than The Muir Camera Bag.  Hand made and hand cut from some of the finest leather tanned in America, the Muir is made from boot thick leather tanned by the Horween Leather Company in Chicago.  The Chromexcel leather feels smooth and is soft in the hand, but is substantial at the same time.  

The Muir has a large internal compartment where you will find a removable padded insert with divider to provide protection for your camera and an extra lens.  Simply pull out the padded insert to use The Muir as an everyday carry bag, or stuff in all of your overnight goods for a quick trip.  Any way you use it, you will be doing so in style.  

Sewn with ultra tough polyester thread, with solid copper rivets used to secure the straps and D rings, The Muir is built to last a lifetime.


Dimensions: 5.5” W by 9.5” H by 10” L

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The Muir Camera Bag

Built in Ogden Utah

Know Thy Goods

Made in Ogden, Utah

Hand crafted from five to six ounce Chromexcel leather from the Horween Leather Company

Solid copper rivets hand hammered to secure all straps and hardware

Solid brass, nickel coated hardware

Ultra tough polyester thread from Maine Thread Company

Removable padded insert

Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap made with Chromexcel leather

Individually cut and sewn by hand means every bag is slightly different

Dimensions: 5.5” W by 9.5” H by 10” L

A Little History

Millions of Americans owe a great deal to John Muir.  The founder of the Sierra Club, Muir was a naturalist and wilderness preservationist who was instrumental in making Sequoia, Yosemite, and other wilderness areas into National Parks.  The John Muir Trail, Muir Woods National Monument, Muir Beach, John Muir College, Mount Muir, Camp Muir and other natural places have been named after him.  

Muir’s love of nature began at a young age, but really flourished while attending The University of Wisconsin - Madison.  His first botany course transformed Muir’s thinking of nature and electrified his mind and propelled his desires towards nature.  Muir’s restlessness meant that he never finished college, but instead made nature his classroom.  He explored Canada, walked 1,000 miles from Indiana to Florida, Voyaged to Cuba, but when he found Yosemite, it was like coming home.  He ended up living there for three years, and it was this time and experience that helped fuel his passion for protecting the beautiful lands American had to offer.  

The ensuing years brought a number of books, organizations, explorations, and relationships that Muir both influenced and was influenced by that lead to some of his greatest work and made his name synonymous with nature preservation.  His founding of the Sierra Club has probably had the most lasting impact on nature conservation and preservation, but looking at just about any cross section of Muir’s life reveals a passion and appreciation of God’s natural world.

Ditch the Rudimentary

Stock & Barrel is the brainchild and passion of Parker Lichfield.  Tired of the rat race, Parker quit his day to day job to found Stock & Barrel and embark on his passion of providing hand made goods that hearken to an earlier era.  Parker was inspired by the culture of early America and wanted to create goods that were made like they used to be, crafted one at a time with high attention to detail.


Each Stock & Barrel product is crafted this way, attention to detail and adherence to standards that result in lifetime products.  Stock & Barrel uses leather from only two United States tanneries: The Horween Leather Company in Chicago and the Hermann Oak Leather Company in St. Louis.  The choice of these tanneries is not by accident.  Horween and Hermann Oak have each been producing the highest quality full grain leather for over 100 years, and continue to use some of the same original recipes.

This fine leather is sewn together using thread from the Maine Thread Company, who has been producing their signature waxed polyester cord since 1958.  Three times stronger than the more traditional nylon used for leather goods, polyester is more weather resistant and can take a beating, while still looking great.  It is the thread of choice for leather artisans that want to use only the best.

Stock & Barrel crafts fine leather into simple and functional goods that are built to last a lifetime, just like goods used to be made. 



Leather Built is a collection of the highest quality leather goods, all 100% made in the USA. We have searched the country for the very best shops and craftsmen and bring you samples of their finest work here. All our products are backed by a 50 year guarantee.

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