Bryer Apron

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The Bryer Apron is made using the highest quality denim, hardware, and Horween leather. All materials are sourced from the USA and handmade in San Diego, CA.

The straps are self-adjusting, making it one-size-fits-all and thus allowing the perfect fit for both ladies and gentlemen. Multiple pockets and loops in varying shapes and sizes make this the perfect addition to your uniform, whether at home for the chef and barbecue master or at work for tattooers, barbers, jewelers, baristas, or any other professional needing convenient access to the tools of their trade.

Your Bryer Apron may not look exactly as pictured here. Real leather is a natural material, so every hide has unique characteristics that individually personalize each product. Each piece of leather is distinctive in its color, grain, and markings, which may include scars, mars, or blemishes that are a natural part of the cow's life and a sign of the high quality of the leather.

 Size / Fit: Self-adjusting, one size fits all

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Bryer Apron

Built in San Diego, CA

Know Thy Goods

-Horween leather 

-High quality denim and hardware

-All materials sourced from USA

-Self-adjusting, one size fits all

-Handmade in San Diego, CA

-Perfect for many types of hobbies and professions


A Little History

The apron came about because of practical necessity. In years gone by, people didn't have the luxury of owning a large wardrobe. Washing and drying clothing was not done on a frequent basis, so aprons served a practical purpose of covering up the clothing underneath to protect it from soiling.

It used to be common for many people to wear aprons - school teachers, children, shop-keepers, and secretaries wore different styles of aprons over their clothing every day. Heavier aprons made from leather, canvas and other thick materials were worn by craftsmen dealing with sharp implements or hot objects. These apron wearers included such burly professionals as butchers, welders, glassmakers and blacksmiths. In fact, many craftsmen who work in these industries today still wear an apron to protect their fragile bodies from the dangers of their workshops. 

The apron has served an important role throughout history and is enjoying a new popularity today with modern craftsmen and professionals. 


About Bryer Leather

A genuine American artist.

A native of San Diego and accustomed to being surrounded by nature and beauty, Thomas Brierton is an artistic creator to the core. He has always enjoyed taking raw materials and creating beautiful, functional pieces to delight those around him. It started at the age of 12 when he crafted a wooden cooking spoon for his mother. He later won First Place in fine woodworking at the San Diego Fair when he entered a guitar he made from scratch.

During college he started a small company building skateboards. It was during that time a friend suggested he try his hand at leather crafting. After a little research, he got his hands on a piece of leather and created his first wallet. From then on, he knew he would be a leather crafter for life. Thomas says, “I knew this was what I had to do; the satisfaction I get when I see something go from a piece of raw material into an impeccable piece with practicality never ceases to amaze me.”

He started making leather wallets as a source of extra money while working on his Master’s Degree in Norway. The little side business became so popular, he revised his plans and returned to San Diego to start Bryer Leather in February 2014.

Thomas could never settle for a 9-5 job, he is a creator. His mission is to “strive for perfection in my handmade design, while continuing to strive for the highest standards to create the best possible product for my customers.”

All leather used by Bryer Leather is sourced from the Horween Company in Chicago. All products are handcrafted in San Diego. The company motto is, “Simplicity in Design. Prime Materials. Impeccable Craftsmanship.”


Leather Built is a collection of the highest quality leather goods, all 100% made in the USA. We have searched the country for the very best shops and craftsmen and bring you samples of their finest work here. All our products are backed by a 50 year guarantee.

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